Resume and Cover Letter

Resume and Cover letter


Are your resume and cover letter making the right first impression?

How can you achieve great resume and cover letters?  Excellent question. I am so glad you asked. It’s important to understand that your resume and cover letter are considered professionally written marketing documents and are vitally important to the success of your job search. Your resume and cover letter is the first impression you provide to anyone involved in your job search and it is critical that you make great resume and cover letters to stand out from other applicants.

As an individual, you are different from everyone else in the world. You offer a unique skill set, a unique blend of professional and personal experience, and most of all, a distinctive personality. Therefore, one resume or cover letter style, layout, or format cannot be used to display who you are as an individual. The objective is not to blend in, but to stand out.

The content of your resume and cover letter and style must be tailored to you and the industry and jobs you are applying for.

Some questions to ask yourself as you prepare your resume: 

What is my value proposition? In other words what benefits or value do I bring to the company to satisfy their needs?

The very next questions to follow should be….

  • What are their needs?
  • What qualifications are they looking for?
  • What kind of education is required?
  • How much experience is needed and in what?
  • What sets me apart from the rest?

All of this information except for the last one can be found on the job description. Successful candidates achieve great resume and cover letters by  meticulously combing  through the job description to make sure their resumes and cover letters fit the criteria as described and causes them to stand out from the rest. Now its important to remember that you must not just say that you have those qualifications as listed on the job description. You must demonstrate that you have those qualifications. This is what sets great resume and cover letters apart from mediocre resume and cover letters. 

Your marketing documents should emphasize your value proposition through measurable accomplishments and a masterful presentation of your skills and experience so you stand out from the crowd and get the interview. 

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