Personal Development Coaching


Solution-Focused Personal Development Coaching is for those that are struggling with reaching goals in their personal and/or professional life. Goals may be related to any area of personal growth including but not limited to relationships, business, finance, health, and wellness and more. From a professional perspective, individuals that are just starting their career or thinking of making a transition can benefit from personal development coaching.  The objective is to help you overcome any obstacles to personal growth.  

This package is geared toward making SMART goals and setting a plan to achieve them. Personality assessment and values assessment are taken to put clients on the right track towards a more fulfilled personal and professional life. Additional tools are tailored to client needs. 

After some discussion and assessments, a program can be tailored to meet your specific professional needs. SMART goal planning is a requirement for each personal development package; however, based on needs additional tools like communication sessions, interviewing skills, laws of attraction lessons, networking, public speaking and more can be explored.