Personal and Leadership Development

leadership-1326282_1280Before we delve too much into leadership we want to debunk the myth that leaders are born, not made. While there are those who show defined leadership skills at a very young age. Leadership development is a choice and can be accomplished with training, education and commitment. While  there are many on record definitions of leadership, for coaching purposes we will explore the definition that is needed in most organizational capacities. We define leadership as the process of influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals.

As with any goal, if you fail to  plan you plan to fail. Effective personal and leadership development is not happenstance. You don’t wake up one morning and you were a better person or a better leader than you were the day before. Change can be instantaneous; however, the development of skills is a process.

Development is a process and requires time, effort and energy. To become a better anything wleaderspe must put some time into it. Our personal development sessions help you  to identify those areas in your life that need to be nurtured. The leadership sessions will help to  create a developmental plan to accomplish stated goals while providing tools that will propel you towards those goals.

Sessions can be purchased a la carte, meaning you can purchase only those sessions that you think are needed. Coaching packages are also available. click here

Personal Development packages are for those just starting our on their career path or have not been in the workplace for some time and are looking for guidance and direction.

This package is ideal for recent college graduates and returning to work Moms.

This package is geared toward making SMART goals and setting a plan to achieve them . Personality assessment and values assessment are taken to put clients on the right track towards a more fulfilled career. Additional tools are tailored to client needs.

After smartsome discussion and assessments a program can be tailored to meet your specific professional needs. SMART goals planning are a requirement  for each personal development package; however, based on needs additional tools like communication sessions, interviewing sills, laws of attraction lessons, networking, public speaking and more can be explored.



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