How to Choose the Right Job

how to choose the right job

How to Choose the Right Job?  

How to choose the right job is a question that I wish every client would ask. Too often I see candidates accept positions without a second thought, simply because the money is right.

Should we say yes to job just because the salary fits our budget?

Most clients that are polled have answered yes to this question without hesitation. And while I get the immediate response, since food and shelter is a primary concern, it also explains the research that more than 70% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs.   

Learning how to choose the right job can make the difference between a happy and fulfilled employee and a disgruntled employee.

  While only time will tell how a particular job or career will pan out,  there are some ways to know if you are a good fit for an organization. As a career coach I try to take the “scary” out interviewing  process by helping my clients understand that their approval of the company is just as important as the company approving them. 

When you have taken the time to prepare yourself prior to even applying for a job you tend to be more confident in your choice. 

How to choose the right job


Understanding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and asking the right questions  in the interview can also help you be more confident in your decision.  Yes, it is important for you the candidate to ask questions. It is even better when you are asking questions relating to your needs. 

I often caution my clients on being so focused on the first level of needs that they completely forget about the other four levels. 

While ensuring a salary that will pay the bills is extremely important it is just as important to feel safe and secure, be apart of a thriving organizational culture, feel respected, and have the opportunity to grow within the organization. 

All of these areas should be addressed in the interview. 


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How to choose the right jobl would love to hear your thoughts.  After reading it please come back and share what you’ve learned. After all, we are all helpers one to another.  If you have already read it please leave your thoughts in the comment  section. 




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