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Solution-Focused Coach Tonya - Competitive Edge Interviewing Skills

I specialize in helping individuals develop interview skills to give them a competitive edge.
In a very competitive work place today you will need more than a good resume to land the job. I help you understand and articulate your Unique Selling Points(USP) to land the job of your dreams.

The A-Z guide to Competitive Edge Interviewing

Your Value Proposition

Understanding your value and essential skills that you bring to the table is the beginning of being able to demonstrate to your employer why you are the best candidate for the position

Unique Selling Points

We are all marketers in some form or another. Understanding your niche and your USP will provide a level of confidence that is attractive to employers. Employers are looking for confident and qualified individuals. The person that lands the job is the person that can show the employer why they should get the job above all other candidates.

One on One Mock Interview Sessions

One on one sessions give us the opportunity to assess and offer guidance in several areas including verbal articulation, skills, body language and more.

Interview Coaching-Wow your Interviewer and Land your Dream Job

At EYC we aim to improve your interview skills to give you a competitive edge. We provide individualized support to help you market your unique skills and illustrate your unique selling proposition as an individual brand. Understanding your USP will ensure a good fit both for you and your next dream career.

We help you create your personal value proposition that helps you to identify your target company; one that needs what you have to offer, home in on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.  

Package include but is not limited to the following:

  • Assessment of your skills and qualities (USP) that employer’s value
  • Assessment and guidance of preparation for interview
  • Guidance in writing your value propositioning statement
  • One on one mock interview sessions
  • Comprehensive analysis and feedback on the following:
    • Guidance on how to respond to questions most effectively
    • Guidance on how to overcome fears and tackle the hardest questions
    • Guidance on what kind of questions to ask at an interview
    • Appropriate attire for various types of interviews
    • Discussion and feedback on the importance of body language
    • Discussion and feedback on the importance of presence in an interview

Additional services including but not limited to:

  • Develop your Personal Branding Strategies
  • Develop your Personal Marketing Plan

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