Business Start Up Coaching

Solution-Focused Coach Tonya - Self Employed Rising Star Business-Lite Package

I specialize in helping Self Employed entrepreneurs with their new start-up businesses. I help them figure out what to do next from A-Z. Our services include but are not limited to business and marketing plans to increase sales and maintain a thriving business.

For the Self Employed Rising Star that's ready to build an empire and create a legacy.

Business Coaching 

Including but not limited to:

  • Start up plans and strategies for new business owners. Guidance on how to get started and what to do next.
    • Getting clear on your goals and objectives for your company
    • Guidance on developing mission and vision for their company
    • Identifying core values and how they reflect in your business
    • Getting clear on what you offer and your prices
    • Guidance on how to identify their target market
    • Guidance on how to develop their marketing mix
    • Decide on business structure
    • How to register trademarks, copyrights, etc.
    • Register Business Name: How to set up a DBA
    • Obtain license and permits
    • Set up domain names-Websites, etc.
    • Open a business account
    • Select a business email address
    • Guidance with business plans to have a clear guide on the products or services being offered and how to set up their business for success
      • How to conduct a market analysis
      • How to conduct a competitive analysis
    • Marketing plans so that can get clear on their offering and strategies.
    • Implementation and action plans

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