Are You Making Money Living Your Passion?


Are you making money living your passion?


Are You Making Money Living Your Passion?

This was a huge question for me. Years ago I used to only dream of starting my own business. Making my own hours, choosing how much I wanted to work. Choosing what I wanted to work on. I understood the freedom of the concept of being an entrepreneur, but could never quite grasp how to make it happen. Fear had me in its grips. I could see no way beyond working for someone else.

My fear kept me from living my passion. And even more it kept me from making money.  By nature, I am a Taurus. As an earth sign, I have come to understand my need for stability and security. I can’t, however, blame it all on my sign or nature as some would call it. But what I can tell you is that the ultimate driving force was fear. That was until one day, a friend asked me a question that made me think long and hard about my life. I didn’t answer at that time. But one day in August 2013 I looked myself in the mirror and asked the hard question, which I could not answer before. Are you living your passion, and better yet are you making money living your passion?

The mirror told the true story. I could no longer lie to myself. I was not living my passion, and most certainly, I was not making money living my passion.  I was not living my dream. I was going to work and coming back home. I had gotten into a rut. I had become a permanent employee. I was miserable. Of course, I had my good days when I felt like what I was doing was helping others.  Particularly in academia, I always felt like I was doing something for the greater good regardless of the position.  That was until I came to understand the big picture. The behind the scenes stuff.  The administrator’s roles. The necessary evils to keep the overarching vision alive. And the realization that greediness and the love of money will cause even the greatest intentions to be tainted.

Now, I am not naive enough to think that we are not all in the game to make money. Because having money is necessary, and we all need it? Money is not evil or good. Money is simply a means to an end.  But what are you willing to do to get it? That’s the question.  More than that I asked myself on that fateful, but life- changing day, how I could achieve my money goals while helping others reach their goals?  Right then I realized I could no longer do it on a job. I had to stretch out for myself and own my own.

The Exciting Venture of Entrepreneurship

Almost three years later. I can truly say I am living my passion. I can answer the question, are you making money living your passion?  And the answer would be yes. I work harder for myself than I have ever worked for anyone else. I have very long days and even longer nights. I have several entrepreneurship ventures going on at the same time, which can seem a bit harrowing, but I’ve never been happier.  

Every morning I awake, and I am excited about what the day is going to bring. I am passionate about making a difference in the literacy program for my nonprofit. I get stoked thinking about what customers are going to come my way for my online boutique? What client I am going to help find their dream job or began to focus on their own entrepreneurship ventures?  What new internet marketing revelations are going to avail themselves today? What new person can I inspire and empower to live their dreams?

Every night  or rather morning, because it’s always morning, I lay down in peace knowing I gave it my all. I left it all out on the field.  I helped someone achieve their goals while building a legacy for my family.  And I did it my way.

Are you Making Money Living Your Passion? 

So, what are you waiting for? Ask yourself today. Are you living your passion? The answer may scare you or it may empower you as it did me.

A while ago I was introduced to an awesome community which shined a bright light on my online marketing endeavors. I have learned more in the Wealthy Affiliate community than I have learned in the last three years about online marketing.

 If you are interested in internet marketing, but not sure how or what you should be doing, take a couple of days and try out this community for FREE.   Just click on the link wealthy affiliate I know you will be just as hooked as I am. I am living my passion, and I am making money living my passion. You too can do the same.

Are you making money living your passion

I would love to hear your living your passion story. Please leave a comment and share your story. 

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8 thoughts on “Are You Making Money Living Your Passion?”

  1. Andy says:

    Wow! Great inspiring story! It’s true that we do tend to get stuck in a rut as we get too busy with our lives. Not many people get to actually follow their dreams mainly because of the fear of failure. Will they succeed? Well I see you talking about Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve been a member for less than 2 months and let me tell you that that’s the best place you can go to find success. The training is so easy to follow and the community support is amazing. There’s so many knowledgeable people there to help you along your way. Even though I just started, I’m already earning money online so I’m extremely happy with my Wealthy Affiliate experience!

    1. Andy, Thank you for stopping by. The community is awesome at WA!! You ask a question and within like minutes they answer. its crazy beautiful!!

      I wish you so much success Andy!!

  2. Marcus says:

    What an inspiring article. You definitely did not let fear take over your life. How is it that you manage to keep that many projects going at the same time? Do you have any tips and tricks?

    I’m trying but it feels like I need 48 hours in a day instead of 24 hehe. Just need to start being better with time management I guess.

    Wealthy affiliate sounds like a really cool community and I will definitely check it out because hey why not? It’s free right? Can you build a website with Wealthy affiliate as well?


    1. Hi Marcus,

      OMG!! Talk about time. There is just not enough!! The only tip I have is I get very little sleep. 🙂 But honestly, finding this community has answered so many questions that I was trying to figure out on my own. If you are into online marketing you have to check it out. It speaks for itself. So, yes as a starter member you get two free websites. You get a wealth of information. Training classes and all kinds of great information.
      Just check it out, like me, you will be glad you did.

  3. annecortez12 says:

    It’s a great story and I think many of us can reflect on it. I can see that you wrote with the heart. I am new on Wealthy affiliate and you inspire me to continue my project.
    I whish you the best.

    1. Anne,
      Thank you for stopping by. I have this new burst of energy. All I needed was a little direction.
      Keep pushing!!
      Greater days are ahead!!

      Much Success,

  4. Allison says:

    Wow, Tonya. I loved your page. Your writing really speaks to me. I can hear the passion in your words and know that you are a true entrepreneur. You’re doing what you love and it makes you happier overall. That is so awesome and exactly what success is all about. I hope you keep pushing and achieving even more in the near future. Best wishes to you : )

    1. Tonya says:

      Thank you Allison. I appreciate you stopping by. When you do what you love it doesn’t feel like work. It took me awhile to figure that out. Now that I got it I want to share it with the world. 🙂

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