You are here on purpose.

Are you struggling with your life purpose? Do you sometimes wonder why you were placed on this earth? Are you tired of living in mediocrity? Do you know in your gut that there is something more for you to do?  Do you struggle with reaching goals and taking action to create your best life? Are you struggling with low self esteem and desire to live a fulfilled, empowered life?

Well, you come to the right place. I’ve been where you are and  I can help you take back your power and begin to live your life on purpose.  

It is no accident that you have found yourself here at Exclusively YOU Coaching. We offer coaching services to meet your individual needs. We cater to you “Exclusively You”.  We aim to empower you to live your best life, inspire your spirit and impact you in a positive way. 


Too often too many people are waiting to be happy. 

  • I will be happy when I lose 30 pounds
  • I will be happy when I get married.
  • I will be happy when I have children.
  • I will be happy when my children are grown.
  • I will be happy when I find a new job.

I will be happy when….sound familiar? What if I were to tell you today that happiness is not a place you have to get to. Happiness is a place inside of you waiting to be embraced by you. You can be happy right now if you had the right tools and understanding of how to tap into that space inside of you. You are stronger and more powerful than you know. You have the key to unlock every door of your life. As your empowerment coach I would be honored to help guide you to that place of happiness. 


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There is greatness within you 


Even in our saddest and most depressed moments there is still hope. If there was not how else do we cope with the everyday challenges of life? Even when you are feeling confused and uncertain something deeps inside of you tells you there is so much more living to do. 

That something is your spirit guiding you to fulfillment.  Guiding you to hope. Guiding you to your greatness. 

It is  important that you know that no matter where you are right now in life. Life can be good. It may take some work to get there but I am willing and committed to supporting you in your journey to greatness.   

There no better time to start than now. Greatness begins with one step. 


If you are ready for change. I am ready to help you get there. 



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What is coaching 

Before we define coaching let’s start with what coaching is not. 

Coaching is not: 

  • A panacea to all problems
  • A quick fix or one size fits all approach 
  • Directing or telling you what to do
  • Micromanaging you
  • A counseling or consulting service 
  • Coaching is not therapy.

Therapy tends to deal more with unresolved past issues that affects the present and coaching focuses more on the present and taking action towards the future.

I am a solution focused coach and what that means is that in our session we focus more on the solution that the problem

As your coach: 

  • I aim to help you get clear about your goals 
  • I aim to help you Identify your blind spots
  • I aim to empower YOU to find the solutions to your challenges
  • I aim to inspire you to reach higher heights in your professional and personal growth
  • I aim to help you in developing action steps towards your goals
  • I aim to support you in taking those action steps.
  • I aim to be your accountability partner in reaching your goals.
  • Ultimately I aim to impact your life in a positive way so that you can you impact others in a positive way.


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Hello and welcome! I am Tonya White Johnson, DBA, CLC. Welcome and and thank you for visiting my website. I am a passionate certified personal development, career and leadership  coach who offers coaching  services to a range of individuals including high school students, college students, entrepreneurs, job and career changers, executives, leaders and potential leaders.

 I specialize in empowerment and personal growth coaching. I coach both men and women individually, in  group sessions and workshops. To learn more about me  click here.